The Chartered Professional Accountants of Ontario is a professional organization whose purpose is to be the main designation of quality accountants in the region. Members are held to very high professional standards in order to be accepted. Chartered accountants have access to a number of resources because of CPA Ontario. Chartered accountants are important to the community, and CPA Ontario is there to unify and ensure quality amongst all accountants in the area. CPA Ontario is led by a board of 20 people who are responsible for enforcing the quality standards of the organization. CPA Ontario offers amazing resources to the general public as well. Students who are interested in becoming chartered accountants can find out just how to do that by looking through the resources available on the CPA Ontario website. Public citizens who wish to find a quality accounting firm can use the organization’s firm directory as well. As far as accounting goes, CPA Ontario is the main resource for the entire community. 

The Chartered Professional Accountants of Ontario have contributed a lot to the accounting profession in Ontario. The unity created amongst accountants has ensured that every accountant is educated based on certain principles and high quality standards. CPA certification programs are designed to be of the upmost quality, in order to give the budding professionals the knowledge they need to be the best and brightest in their professional field. To become a chartered accountant in Ontario, one would first need to obtain a four year university degree. Successful CAs have majored in everything from art to engineering. In addition to the degree, aspiring CAs must complete a student professional program, which offers students graduate level courses and a wealth of accounting knowledge. Next, the accounting student would gain on-the-job experience working for a CA Training Office while being supervised by experienced CAs. Students are evaluated throughout the university and training programs. A final examination called the Uniform Evaluation is administered which the student must pass to become a chartered professional accountant. This test is the final element, but ongoing education and development is very important to a successful CA’s career. There are many, many benefits to becoming a member of the Chartered Professional Accountants of Ontario. The organization offers a CPA Member Savings Program with several perks and discounts, as well as other offers. There are a number of store and travel discounts, as well as insurance discounts and even $1500 off the purchase of a new Mercedes. The member website boasts that first year CAs make a whopping salary of nearly $75,000, certainly enough to buy a Mercedes-Benz!  

Different services are also provided to help accountants perform their best on the job and at home. Member advising and ethics counseling is offered. Regular counseling is offered as well. CPA Ontario is concerned with helping its members maintain a good work and life balance on a daily basis. Since accounting can become draining day in day out, its important for professionals to find a happy balance in their daily lives. CPA Ontario knows how important it is to an accountant’s professional success that they have a happy, fulfilling life outside of work as well. The Chartered Professional Accountants of Ontario is a truly wonderful professional organization. Not only is it concerned with its members, but also the community’s interest and prospective accountants as well. Anyone in the community who has an accounting need or concern can find helpful resources through the organization. High standards are set and enforced so that accountants are properly educated. Ongoing professional development is offered for accountants as well. The professional and personal needs of the organization’s member are the most important focus of the organization. It has been an important force in unifying the accounting profession so that more solidarity can exist amongst the accounting practices and so the accounting professionals can always remain in touch with changing aspects of their profession. Prospective accountants can find many helpful resources as well. Steps for becoming an accountant and important facts are very easy to find for interested parties. Whether or not you are an accountant or not, the Chartered Professional Accountants of Ontario can help you with your accounting needs.